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Herald Wattenberg

Herald has been with the company for almost eleven years. He is very experienced in offshore foundation solutions. Furthermore he has an extended knowledge on our global dealer network for vibratory hammers and related equipment.

The decommission of Lely offshore wind farm: how vibratory pile extraction reduced time and costs

When existing foundations need to be decommissioned, you are looking for the best pile extraction equipment that’s available, whether it is for offshore or onshore projects. But it is also your responsibility to reduce uptime and costs. Have you ever considered applying  vibratory pile extraction instead of using the conventional hydraulic hammer? Looking at one of our recent projects — the decommission of Lely offshore wind farm — the benefits of the first method compared to the second are obvious.

Posted by Herald Wattenberg   Piling and vibratory equipment

Friday at bauma 2016: Growth, gastronomy and a global family

Friday: the day after the Dealer Meeting. A special evening that was filled with music, South German gastronomy and, most importantly: intensifying the global Dieseko Group family bond.

Posted by Herald Wattenberg   Corporate

The benefits of a great dealer network for worldwide equipment

Imagine what it must feel like for an engineer in the foundation business when his capital equipment is damaged when operating on a job site. He needs spare parts and he needs them now! The supplier of the machine is miles away, there’s a language barrier and the company can’t afford any delay. He is in trouble, right? Wrong! No need to panic, because assistance is always around. As a manufacturer of vibratory hammers, power packs and other world wide equipment for foundation works, we can assistant thanks to our wide international dealer network.

Posted by Herald Wattenberg   Corporate

Offshore pile driving equipment: cheaper and faster solutions

Naturally, you are looking for the best pile driving equipment that's available in the offshore market. But it's also your responsibility to reduce costs of installation. Finding a cheaper and faster solution to drive piles in the seabed is key. Have you ever considered using vibratory pile driving methods instead of the conventional piling hammer? The oil, gas and wind industry are just getting to know this alternative pile drilling installation method. Looking at recent pilot projects for offshore wind farms, the results are very promising.

Posted by Herald Wattenberg   Piling and vibratory equipment

Meeting the demands of the future: taking wind power to the next level

Worldwide, the demand for wind power is drastically increasing. The 2015 Climate Change Conference in Paris accelerated the global urgency for green energy even more. This positive trend encouraged Sif, leading manufacturer of steel tubing (specialized in offshore foundations for wind turbines) to announce its enter into the stock market. Dieseko Group greatly encourages the increasing focus from media as well as shareholders for sustainable energy. To further accelerate the realization of wind farms and therefore realizing durable energy, the people at Dieseko Group are passionate about emphasizing the further development of foundation in the offshore market with foundation equipment.

Posted by Herald Wattenberg   Piling and vibratory equipment

Choosing the best vibro equipment in urban areas

Working in urban areas is not like any other building project. Determining which equipment suits the environment best is one of the challenges that every contractor faces. For example, when vibro equipment is needed on site. Luckily, there is a certain type of vibratory hammer that is especially designed for minimal disruption of social life in urban areas.

Posted by Herald Wattenberg   Piling and vibratory equipment

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