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Matthew Janes

Matthew is president of Resonance Technology International, a company founded in 2003 in Canada. Matthew became aware of a patented technology in mine sweeping devices which emulate the vibrational and acoustic signature of ships. His vision was to develop this technology such that it could be applied to large construction equipment such as pile drivers and drills. Together with his team, Matthew invented the PVE RD260 Resonator, which is a real break through in the foundation industry.

How customer care helps you innovate

The PVE RD260 Resonator is one of the innovative highlights of Dieseko Group and Resonance Technology International (RTI) . This machine uses a new technique that doesn’t damage the soil unlike more conventional vibro methods. This foundation equipment causes no vibration to the surroundings. That's why resonance technique makes it possible to perform foundation jobs close to a fragile construction, which is often the case in urban areas.

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