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Patrick van der Schaaf

Patrick is Manager Business Development at Woltman Piling & Drilling Rigs. Patrick’s main challenge is exploring and developing new ground improvement techniques and foundation technologies in combination with the right Dieseko equipment. He is very experienced in this area, he has gained a lot of knowledge in the area of ground improvement and piling technologies during his previous functions in the foundation- and civil construction industry.

Improved dynamic compaction techniques take ground improvement to the next level

Dynamic compaction is a commonly used technique to increase the density of the soil. With a regular interval, a heavy weight is lifted by a crane and dropped to the ground. However, the standard compaction technique is not the fastest method. But technology evolves! How do the latest improvements in dynamic compaction techniques benefit contractors in time and efficiency?

Posted by Patrick van der Schaaf  

Easily find the right equipment for every ground improvement job

Every project is different. Every location is different and soils are different. So for every ground improvement job you make different considerations that lead to the choice of equipment. Truth to be told: finding the most suitable foundation equipment for the job is a challenge. In addition, new groundbreaking technologies and possibilities follow each other in a fast pace. Keeping up with those is a challenge on its own.

Posted by Patrick van der Schaaf   Piling & Vibro Equipment, Ground improvement

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