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Samuel Kieviet

If you have a sales related question about one of our foundation machines, chances are good Samuel is the one to provide you with the right answer. He has been with the company for almost 8 years. In his role as Manager Sales Support he is responsible for the daily management of the sales support department.

What’s the use of used foundation equipment for your construction project?

Picture the moment you went to buy your first car. Did you go straight to the brand dealer for a shiny new automobile with the red ribbon still on it? Or did you, perhaps, take one of your parents along to pick out a second-hand car? If you chose the latter option, you would probably want to make sure the used car is decent and trustworthy; good to go for an X amount of years. In the world of foundation equipment, this works exactly the same.

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Thursday at bauma 2016: Impressive, incomparable and innovative

Entering bauma 2016 on this Thursday feels like reliving your favourite epic movie. It's jaw dropping. The sheer size of the worlds leading trade fair for the construction machinery and the mining industry is visible miles away. You can see the massive cranes when you’re on the highway. Despite the bad weather the spirits are high. There’s a lot to see at this event.

Posted by Samuel Kieviet   Corporate

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