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Tom van der Jagt

Tom leads the service department. As he has been with the company since 1999, he has a lot of knowledge of all possible technical specifications that comes with our products. Furthermore, Tom is one of the key figures within the company when it comes to our latest innovation, the Resonator.

What to look for when buying used foundation equipment? [Checklist]

As a constructor, you want to complete foundation projects on time and ensure a project does not go over budget. Have you ever considered buying used foundation equipment to reduce time and costs?

Each foundation project is different and the considerations to buy new or pre-owned foundation equipment vary each time. But compared to new equipment, used foundation equipment has two benefits:

Posted by Tom van der Jagt   Corporate

Foundation jobs without ‘the earthquake effect’: these 2 machines handle fragile surroundings with care

When your site is situated near fragile constructions like dikes, railroads or buildings, you need to avoid any possible harm to those surroundings. Unfortunately, foundation jobs do not exactly have the reputation of handling surroundings ‘with care’. When foundation jobs are inevitable, there are in fact possibilities to work vibration free. This great solution is called resonance technique.

Posted by Tom van der Jagt   Piling & Vibro Equipment

New resonance technique makes the impossible foundation job possible

Combine knowhow, expertise and a global network. The latest resonance techniques for the foundation industry are tested and ready for the world to meet! In close collaboration with Canadian company Resonance Technology International (RTI), Dieseko Group developed the PVE RD260 Resonator. Dieseko Group received the license rights for the RTI Resonator and is now bringing the technique to the market. It promises to make even the 'impossible' foundation job possible...

Posted by Tom van der Jagt   Piling and vibratory equipment

Resonance technology in the foundation industry: a promising innovation

Who doesn't remember the famous Tintin episode where opera singer Bianca Castafiore breaks glass using only her voice? This interesting phenomenon has everything to do with the concept of resonance. The technique simply supplies vibration power in tune with the natural frequency of the object. In the comic series, exceeding the natural resonance of the glass caused it to break. In the foundation industry, using the natural resonance of objects (not exceeding them!) to drive piles into the soil or seabed is one of the latest and 'state of the art' technologies on the market.

Posted by Tom van der Jagt   Piling and vibratory equipment

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