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Walter Haberl

If you want to know more about our piling and drilling rigs please reach out to our Walter Haberl. Walter is our Sales Director for Woltman Piling & Drilling Rigs and has more than 25 years of piling and drilling rigs experience. He has a lot of knowledge about rigs and different applications and knows exactly what our clients need and want. Walter is one of the key figures within the company when it comes to product innovation for our rigs.

What to consider when buying a piling or drilling rig

Every contractor has to buy new equipment, because the units he owns do not fit anymore, or new projects require more or other foundation machines. Buying a piling or drilling rig means a serious impact on your budget, so lots of comparisons have to be done in order to purchase the right equipment. We have listed some aspects below. 

Posted by Walter Haberl   Piling & Drilling Rigs

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