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Choosing the best vibro equipment in urban areas

Working in urban areas is not like any other building project. Determining which equipment suits the environment best is one of the challenges that every contractor faces. For example, when vibro equipment is needed on site. Luckily, there is a certain type of vibratory hammer that is especially designed for minimal disruption of social life in urban areas.

We are happy to share with you exactly how they work, and eliminate vibratory hammers that are less suitable for the job. This way, you will make a solid decision on the use of vibro equipment and therefore manage your time and budget as efficient as possible.

Meeting urban area preconditions

The equipment used in urban areas must at all times have a minimal impact on the surroundings. Therefore, noise and vibrations must ideally be kept within certain boundaries. In addition to this, limited site conditions and preservation of current constructions also play an important role when choosing the right equipment. Using certain vibratory hammers can cause noise disturbance and damage to buildings. It goes without saying that causing damage should be avoided at all times.

Building in urban areas

Good news. The so-called high frequency vibratory hammers with Variable Moment meet all of the above mentioned requirements. Read on to find out how they work.

How Variable Moment vibratory hammers benefit you

There are significant differences between the normal frequency vibratory hammer and the vibratory hammer with Variable Moment. When passing the critical frequency area during start-up and stop, a traditional vibratory hammer with its constant amplitude will cause negative vibrations in the boom of the crane and in the soil. This can result in damaging new and old buildings.

In this case, the frequency of vibration in the hammer is key. Where a low frequency vibratory hammer will rotate with approximately 1500 revolutions per minute, a high frequency vibratory hammer will rotate with approximately 2300 revolutions per minute. This feature prevents possible damage due to vibrations. Also, when implementing or extracting a foundation element from or into the ground, you can use the adjustment motor to influence the eccentric moment and therefore the amplitude.


Less damage

Due to the high rotational speed – as a result of which the vibratory hammer works further away from the soil's resonance frequency – and due to the smaller amplitude, the vibratory hammers with Variable Moment are less harmful to the surroundings. Therefore, this type of vibratory hammer allows you to drive sheet piles into the soil close to adjacent premises.

Less vibrations

Tests have demonstrated that the vibro level of a high frequency vibratory hammer measured at a distance of 6ft from the driving element equals the level of vibrations produced by a low frequency hammer at a distance of 50ft!

It is essential to collect the right information when renting or buying vibro equipment. Make sure you are familiar with the surrounding area and the condition and building method of surrounding buildings. Also, acquaint yourself with all soil and environmental factors that are at risk when using a vibratory hammer. Dieseko Group, relying on 40 years of experience is happy to answer all your questions on vibro technology and Variable Moment vibratory hammers.

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Posted by Herald Wattenberg on Jan 29, 2016 9:54:55 AM


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