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Easily find the right equipment for every ground improvement job

Every project is different. Every location is different and soils are different. So for every ground improvement job you make different considerations that lead to the choice of equipment. Truth to be told: finding the most suitable foundation equipment for the job is a challenge. In addition, new groundbreaking technologies and possibilities follow each other in a fast pace. Keeping up with those is a challenge on its own.

Here at Dieseko Group, we have been gaining experience in the field for decades now. I have a background in foundation techniques and I’ve gained a lot of experience in the contracting world as well. And so do many of my colleagues.

For example, since the acquisition of Woltman Piling Equipment BV in January 2016, we can join forces and share many years of valuable experience in the foundation industry throughout the entire Dieseko Group.

Of course, we would like to share this knowledge with our customers!

New and improved consultancy service of Dieseko Group

Every new ground improvement project helps us discover new ground improvement techniques and foundation solutions, such as new pile driving technologies and new improved vibration free solutions.

In order to ensure our customers the highest efficiency of ground improvement equipment, we re-shaped and improved our Consultancy service. This way we assist you in choosing the right equipment for your next foundation and ground improvement job.

Dieseko GroupWe support our customers in starting new ground improvement and foundation technologies

Of course we test our own equipment extensively. Just two weeks ago we invited an independent third party to measure the energy release of our new PVE 28NL impact hammer.

But who experiences the equipment better than the people using it? It is no surprise that many ideas and suggestions come from you - our customer. That’s why we consult our customers to improve our ground improvement and foundation equipment. Besides that we support our customers in starting new ground improvement and foundation technologies by using our multipurpose equipment.

First we do a review of your market circumstances and the goals you want to achieve. We assess the best suitable ground improvement or foundation system and execution method and make a suitable proposal accordingly: which equipment configuration and accessories do you need? Last but not least, we support in determining the most suitable monitoring and in-situ testing. 

We support in finding new techniques for your existing equipment

In many cases, our customers invest in particular equipment for a specific project. This is a big investment. Very often, our customers are not aware they can use this particular equipment in multiple ways. That’s why we advise our customers in starting new techniques to get the most out of their existing equipment.

We’ve always offered consultancy in the past. What difference does this new service make?

The biggest difference compared to our previous (existing) consultancy service is the fact that we are able to provide complete ground improvement and foundation consultancy. Also, we can tell our customers which equipment they can use for the job, which work method could be followed and even estimate the pile driving time. We do this with drive-ability studies.

Soil reports Dieseko Group
Drive-ability studies based on soil reports
The main benefit for our customers is the fact that our improved software enables us to do drive-ability tests and provide thorough recommendations. With these drive-ability studies, we can support our customers when it comes to the most efficient performance of foundation works with vibratory hammers and impact hammers. Based on soil reports we tremendously increase the reliability of our drive-ability predictions.

Nurture your relations with help of our Knowledge Center

We have gained a lot of experience through the years. Now, we’ve developed a complete knowledge center where we support our customers by training programs in the field of geotechnics and foundation technologies and by publishing and presenting lectures about projects and technologies performed with Dieseko Group equipment.

Dieseko Group provides realistic advice and encourages co-creation

We do everything in our power to provide you with the perfect piece of foundation equipment to do the job. We are not afraid to predict the success of your ground improvement and foundation works!

We give realistic advice based on facts, knowledge and decades of experience. There is always someone near you with experience of your region.

So, when do we get in touch?

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Posted by Patrick van der Schaaf on Aug 18, 2016 10:00:00 AM


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