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Foundation jobs without ‘the earthquake effect’: these 2 machines handle fragile surroundings with care

When your site is situated near fragile constructions like dikes, railroads or buildings, you need to avoid any possible harm to those surroundings. Unfortunately, foundation jobs do not exactly have the reputation of handling surroundings ‘with care’. When foundation jobs are inevitable, there are in fact possibilities to work vibration free. This great solution is called resonance technique.

Resonance technique is a new technique that doesn’t disturb or damage the soil unlike more conventional vibro methods. The following two machines know how to handle fragile surroundings with care.

1.   The PVE RD260 Resonator

ResonatorThe PVE RD260 Resonator, created by Dieseko Group and Resonance Technology International (RTI) shows what happens when the latest resonance techniques are united in one machine. The Resonator is small, compact and light, but still has great penetration power due to the enormous G-powers.

Steel sheet piles, tubes or H-beams can be resonated vibration free into the soil, which makes the Resonator highly suitable for foundation jobs in urban areas. Dieseko Groups sells and also rents the PVE RD260 Resonator.

2.   A pressing machine

Pressing-machineA hydraulic pressing machine presses sheet pile sections of 4 sheet piles (U and Z profiles) into the ground without generating any vibrations. The ground is not disturbed and the impact on the surroundings is close to zero, making it also highly suitable for inner city foundation projects. The pressing machine works fast and without any noise.

The nature of your project determines which machine to use

The best machine to choose for foundation workings with the resonance technique highly depend on your project.

We can help you out by pointing out three important differences between the Resonator and the pressing machine:

  • The pressing machine can only drive sheet piles into the ground. The resonator can drive sheet piles, H-beams or tubes into the soil.

  • The pressing machine is situated on a large rig. It is important to keep this in mind when site conditions are limited - which is often the case in urban areas. The Resonator is free hanging in a crawler crane. Because of its small dimensions and weight, you can also work with smaller cranes.

  • The Resonator is driven by a special designed power pack, whilst a pressing machine is crane driven. 


When surroundings are fragile and foundation jobs inevitable, do not hesitate to contact us.

Dieseko Group handles your foundation job with care. Our specialists can advice you on the best machine to use, depending on soil conditions, surroundings and much more.

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Posted by Tom van der Jagt on Oct 11, 2016 10:31:00 AM


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