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Game-changing vibration-free hammers are being introduced to American market

PVE's high frequency vibration hammers are virtually vibration-free. In fact, testing has shown the company's high frequency hammer measured at a distance of two meters (seven feet) from driving elements produces the same level of vibrations produced by a low frequency hammer at a distance of 16 meters (52 feet). The American market is on the verge of meeting the demands of the future!

Vibration-free workings are becoming the standard

Foundation jobs in big cities, near railroads or even monumental buildings are a tall order. Limited site conditions and the demand to preserve constructions in the surroundings have really accelerated the need for improved technologies in the foundation industry. This is where vibration-free hammers come into play.

And this has not gone unnoticed. Some clients, construction designers and even crane companies are already incorporating vibration-free foundation jobs as a requirement in their contracts. They are starting to realize they do not want to work without vibration-free equipment anymore.


Advanced high frequency Variable Moment technology

PVE's vibration-free hammer - developed, assembled and produced in Europe - is a real game changer. It's completely different from what most U.S. manufacturers offer today.

Conventional, low-frequency hammers can cause negative vibrations in the boom of a crane and in the soil during start-up and stopping, while PVE's high-frequency hammers are virtually vibration-free. The so-called variable moment technology takes care of the other vibrations, protecting existing constructions in the surroundings.

Success is where preparation and opportunity meet

After Singapore (2005), China and Brazil (2010), Dutch based Dieseko Group has expanded overseas again. Since the beginning of 2015 Piling & Vibro Equipment (PVE) USA has officially launched its rental fleet and branch office in Jacksonville, Florida. This decision was part of an overall strategy to increase our company's presence in North America, providing our global customers with high quality foundation equipment within a hand's reach.

Custom-built piling and drillings rigs

In addition to our vibratory hammers, PVE offers a wide range of piling and drilling rigs. What sets them apart from other similar equipment is the fact that they are all custom-built rather than using an excavator or other existing equipment at the base. This makes them applicable in extremely versatile ways: from piling, drilling, to driving sheet piles into the soil. They are also very easy to set up, operate and service. This is a big step forward from existing technologies.

Seeing is believing!

We sell, rent and provide spare parts for the entire PVE product line. Our rental fleet gives potential customers the opportunity to try out the equipment. Seeing really is believing!

Last but not least, customer service is available 24/7 from our office in Jacksonville. We've recently added drive-ability testing to our service, providing our customers with custom advice on their projects and soil conditions. Hopefully our innovation and dedication will be translated into appreciation by the U.S. market.

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Posted by Arnaud Lamboo on Aug 4, 2016 10:00:00 AM


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