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Inner city construction work: comparing the ICE 815C and PVE 28VM vibratory hammers

Special circumstances ask for special measurements. The increasing amount of construction work in the inner city of Dubai became our main motivation to test two of our vibratory hammers.

The desired outcome: causing minimum stress during operation on surrounding buildings and landmarks by applying the vibratory hammer that is most suitable for construction work in urban areas. This test will help you - the contractor - choose the best vibro equipment for your specific (urban) building project.

Together with Profound BV (testing equipment) and Hytec International LLC (hydraulic solutions), we conducted a comparison test between our ICE 815C and PVE 28VM vibratory hammers. To conduct a fair test:

  • The remaining equipment was kept stationary, in order for all the measured vibrations to be caused by the power packs and vibratory hammer,
  • both vibratory hammers were tested at the same time and in similar (soil) conditions, and
  • a VIBRA+ system manufactured by Profound BV was used. The device works according international standards (focusing on the vibrations allowed near buildings).

Profound VIBRA+ system

What can be concluded from the test results?

Thanks to this test we can conclude that the ICE 815C produced a velocity of 6,61 mm/s with a dominant frequency of 25 Hz, while the PVE 28VM has a much lower amplitude: the dominant vibration measured was 36 Hz with a 3,51 mm/s velocity. This means the ICE 815C produces more vibrations at a lower frequency than the PVE 28VM. Simply put: it is more likely for the ICE 815C to exceed the allowable threshold that was determined before the test and therefore cause too much stress on buildings.

Impression of the construction site and equipment.

Thanks to the collaboration with Profound BV and Hytec International LLC it is now clear that the PVE 28VM is more suitable for construction work in urban areas than the ICE 815C, because produced vibrations from the PVE 28VM cause little to no stress on surrounding buildings that form a risk for the used materials to crack. If you are interested in the workings of a PVE 28VM (Variable Moment) vibratory hammer for use in urban areas, continue reading here. If you want to learn more about the specifications and applications of the ICE 815C, have a look here. The ICE 815C has proven itself to be a very suitable normal frequency vibratory hammer for drilling sheet pilings in less sensitive areas such as bridges or harbors. Dieseko Group is more than happy to provide you with personal advice that suits your specific building project.

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Posted by Jos Hardeman on Feb 2, 2016 10:30:00 AM


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