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Meeting the demands of the future: taking wind power to the next level

Worldwide, the demand for wind power is drastically increasing. The 2015 Climate Change Conference in Paris accelerated the global urgency for green energy even more. This positive trend encouraged Sif, leading manufacturer of steel tubing (specialized in offshore foundations for wind turbines) to announce its enter into the stock market. Dieseko Group greatly encourages the increasing focus from media as well as shareholders for sustainable energy. To further accelerate the realization of wind farms and therefore realizing durable energy, the people at Dieseko Group are passionate about emphasizing the further development of foundation in the offshore market with foundation equipment.

Dieseko Group holds a strong focus on meeting the demands of the future. The offshore wind sector is a promising and challenging market to introduce new foundation techniques. Cost efficiency, time saving and noise reduction are key in the offshore wind market. In addition, it is important to consider the environment by decreasing emission levels and noise pollution for marine life.

Offshore foundation

To meet these demands, Dieseko Group takes a pro-active approach in changing the offshore foundation methods through vibratory technology. New vibratory products increase the speed of pile driving, while newly developed equipment decreases handling time. Dieseko Group acknowledged the potential of the offshore wind sector approximately 10 years ago and developed and supplied big vibratory hammers and tandems for driving offshore wind farm foundation piles. We are proud to look back on the achievements of the past few years that have proved to greatly contribute to offshore foundation.

PVE 300MU Upending vibratory hammer

This patented vibro tool for offshore markets represents an innovative piling solution that combines upending, lifting and vibrating functions. Tripod piles are directly lifted, positioned and vibrated in one sequence. This time-saving solution is a breakthrough for the offshore foundation market.


The future of offshore wind farms and green energy

Dieseko Group believes the future of sustainable energy through wind farms strongly depends on better, faster and environmentally friendly foundation techniques. Therefore we continue to develop new vibro piling solutions for the offshore market. New developments on durable energy worldwide encouraged us even more to remain driven in our contribution to making green energy globally available.

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Posted by Herald Wattenberg on Feb 4, 2016 12:11:31 PM


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