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New resonance technique makes the impossible foundation job possible

Combine knowhow, expertise and a global network. The latest resonance techniques for the foundation industry are tested and ready for the world to meet! In close collaboration with Canadian company Resonance Technology International (RTI), Dieseko Group developed the PVE RD260 Resonator. Dieseko Group received the license rights for the RTI Resonator and is now bringing the technique to the market. It promises to make even the 'impossible' foundation job possible...

Resonance technique for use in the building industry goes back to the sixties. RTI has the knowhow of resonance technology and has spent the past fifteen years to develop the technique. A partnership with Dieseko Group, having over 40 years of experience in the foundation market, was the logical step to thoroughly test and perfect the equipment. Dieseko Group is also aware of the needs and wants of customers in the European market. The PVE RD260 Resonator proves how the combined knowledge of resonance technology and the foundation industry form a recipe for success.

Resonance technique

Getting unique jobs done in fragile environments

The most important feature of the Resonator: the technique doesn’t damage the soil. Unlike conventional vibro techniques, this piece of foundation equipment causes no vibration to the surroundings. That's why resonance technique makes it possible to perform foundation jobs close to a fragile construction, which is often the case in urban areas.

For example: in the past it was very difficult to work near a railway. It required a very high level of experience because the tracks were so delicate. Drilling could damage the tracks and the framework beneath them. Thanks to our new technology it’s possible to work safely near fragile constructions like railway stations and (monumental) buildings. We can now finish a task in a relative short amount of time; tasks that were nearly impossible a couple of years ago and also would sometimes take years to finish.

The first 'cruise control' Resonator in the world

The PVE RD260 Resonator  has another big quality, making it one of a kind. To explain this we need to take a small step back, and look at the basics of resonance. Every object has its natural resonance. Different soil conditions change the natural resonance of the object, demanding a different frequency to drive the object into the ground. The Resonator's automatic control function corrects the frequency of the equipment constantly during the process, so it adapts perfectly to the natural resonance of the sheet pile, pipe or H-beam.

Changing the face of the foundation industry

The future of the foundation industry is bright! Dieseko Group is closing the testing phase and is ready to introduce the innovative and highly promising features of the Resonator to the public.

From April 11th until 17th all eyes are on Munich, when the Bauma construction trade fair takes place. Dieseko Group will tell you everything about resonance technology. Will we meet you there? 

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Posted by Tom van der Jagt on Mar 8, 2016 10:00:00 AM


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