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What to consider when buying a piling or drilling rig

Every contractor has to buy new equipment, because the units he owns do not fit anymore, or new projects require more or other foundation machines. Buying a piling or drilling rig means a serious impact on your budget, so lots of comparisons have to be done in order to purchase the right equipment. We have listed some aspects below. 

Posted by Walter Haberl   Piling & Drilling Rigs

Offshore foundation works: as silent as we can be

The facts. Underwater sound propagates over large distances under water. The exact distance depends on the source level, frequency spectrum of the source and the environmental conditions. Since underwater sound can lead to adverse effects on the ecosystem, mitigation measures are often applied to reduce the impact zone around construction areas.

Posted by Rob Eijkens   Corporate

What to look for when buying used foundation equipment? [Checklist]

As a constructor, you want to complete foundation projects on time and ensure a project does not go over budget. Have you ever considered buying used foundation equipment to reduce time and costs?

Each foundation project is different and the considerations to buy new or pre-owned foundation equipment vary each time. But compared to new equipment, used foundation equipment has two benefits:

Posted by Tom van der Jagt   Corporate

The decommission of Lely offshore wind farm: how vibratory pile extraction reduced time and costs

When existing foundations need to be decommissioned, you are looking for the best pile extraction equipment that’s available, whether it is for offshore or onshore projects. But it is also your responsibility to reduce uptime and costs. Have you ever considered applying  vibratory pile extraction instead of using the conventional hydraulic hammer? Looking at one of our recent projects — the decommission of Lely offshore wind farm — the benefits of the first method compared to the second are obvious.

Posted by Herald Wattenberg   Piling and vibratory equipment

Foundation jobs without ‘the earthquake effect’: these 2 machines handle fragile surroundings with care

When your site is situated near fragile constructions like dikes, railroads or buildings, you need to avoid any possible harm to those surroundings. Unfortunately, foundation jobs do not exactly have the reputation of handling surroundings ‘with care’. When foundation jobs are inevitable, there are in fact possibilities to work vibration free. This great solution is called resonance technique.

Posted by Tom van der Jagt   Piling & Vibro Equipment

What’s the use of used foundation equipment for your construction project?

Picture the moment you went to buy your first car. Did you go straight to the brand dealer for a shiny new automobile with the red ribbon still on it? Or did you, perhaps, take one of your parents along to pick out a second-hand car? If you chose the latter option, you would probably want to make sure the used car is decent and trustworthy; good to go for an X amount of years. In the world of foundation equipment, this works exactly the same.

Posted by Samuel Kieviet   Corporate

Improved dynamic compaction techniques take ground improvement to the next level

Dynamic compaction is a commonly used technique to increase the density of the soil. With a regular interval, a heavy weight is lifted by a crane and dropped to the ground. However, the standard compaction technique is not the fastest method. But technology evolves! How do the latest improvements in dynamic compaction techniques benefit contractors in time and efficiency?

Posted by Patrick van der Schaaf  

How to minimize downtime of foundation equipment

It goes without saying that foundation equipment has a lot to endure. Job sites are always at an outdoor area and the soil conditions can be really tough. Even when working with a local repair company, regular service check ups or replacement of parts cannot always prevent a vibratory hammer or power pack to break down. This can bring a lot of disadvantages in time, money and energy.

Posted by Jos Hardeman   Piling & Vibro Equipment, Corporate

Easily find the right equipment for every ground improvement job

Every project is different. Every location is different and soils are different. So for every ground improvement job you make different considerations that lead to the choice of equipment. Truth to be told: finding the most suitable foundation equipment for the job is a challenge. In addition, new groundbreaking technologies and possibilities follow each other in a fast pace. Keeping up with those is a challenge on its own.

Posted by Patrick van der Schaaf   Piling & Vibro Equipment, Ground improvement

Game-changing vibration-free hammers are being introduced to American market

PVE's high frequency vibration hammers are virtually vibration-free. In fact, testing has shown the company's high frequency hammer measured at a distance of two meters (seven feet) from driving elements produces the same level of vibrations produced by a low frequency hammer at a distance of 16 meters (52 feet). The American market is on the verge of meeting the demands of the future!

Posted by Arnaud Lamboo   Piling & Drilling Rigs, Ground improvement

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