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How customer care helps you innovate

The PVE RD260 Resonator is one of the innovative highlights of Dieseko Group and Resonance Technology International (RTI) . This machine uses a new technique that doesn’t damage the soil unlike more conventional vibro methods. This foundation equipment causes no vibration to the surroundings. That's why resonance technique makes it possible to perform foundation jobs close to a fragile construction, which is often the case in urban areas.

Posted by Matthew Janes   Piling & Vibro Equipment

The benefits of specialized rigs for piling and drilling

When driving piles you need a machine that is made for the job. Instead of using a converted crane or excavator to execute the piling work, you’d better use a reliable and trustworthy machine that’s truly designed for its task. Woltman offers rigs that are specifically designed and made for the piling industry. Those rigs are robust and sturdy due to their design.  

Posted by Arjen van der Schaaf   Piling & Drilling Rigs

Original spare parts: why you can’t go without it

Working on a job site means working with strict deadlines. The job needs to be done in a short time period, so it’s very important that all equipment works as it should. Down time means extension of the job time and this always has financial consequences.

Posted by Jaap Dam   Corporate

Maintenance of vibratory hammers: the importance of a daily check up

To keep your equipment in a perfect condition, you need to check it on a regular basis. If you don’t take good care of your machines, it will definitely affect their lifespan. In a previous blog about maintenance the importance of reading the manual and using the right oil was the main topic. This time it’s all about daily check ups.

Posted by Alfred Oomen   Piling and vibratory equipment

Friday at bauma 2016: Growth, gastronomy and a global family

Friday: the day after the Dealer Meeting. A special evening that was filled with music, South German gastronomy and, most importantly: intensifying the global Dieseko Group family bond.

Posted by Herald Wattenberg   Corporate

Thursday at bauma 2016: Impressive, incomparable and innovative

Entering bauma 2016 on this Thursday feels like reliving your favourite epic movie. It's jaw dropping. The sheer size of the worlds leading trade fair for the construction machinery and the mining industry is visible miles away. You can see the massive cranes when you’re on the highway. Despite the bad weather the spirits are high. There’s a lot to see at this event.

Posted by Samuel Kieviet   Corporate

Wednesday at bauma 2016: Fierce, fabulous and one big family

To describe a day - in this case a Wednesday - at bauma 2016 is very difficult. It’s hard to capture the feeling this enormous event gives you in words. The anticipation and excitement to be on the worlds leading trade fair for the construction machinery and the mining industry is tremendous. What’s better than to visit an event where you can meet all of your peers and talk about the future of the industry?

Posted by Douwe Feenstra   Corporate

Tuesday at bauma 2016: Crowded, colorful and cool

This is the second day of bauma 2016 and there is a pleasant ambiance. People from all over the world come to this event. That hasn’t changed since the previous edition - bauma 2013 - of the world’s leading trade fair for the construction machinery and the mining industry. Bauma is still going strong and we are proud to be there and show our innovations!

Posted by Arjen van der Schaaf   Piling and drilling

Monday at bauma 2016: Busy, beautiful and bedazzling

If you’re going to visit bauma 2016 you can’t miss the stand of Dieseko Group. On top of a huge crane with a height of 51 meters you can see the flag with the logo of our company. When you’re on the highway to visit the world’s leading trade fair for the construction machinery and the mining industry, you can’t miss that spectacular view. 

Posted by Ton Kraak   Corporate

Maintenance of vibratory hammers: the do’s and don’ts

Just like any machine, a vibratory hammer needs maintenance. Without the proper care your equipment gets damaged and in the worst case scenario even shuts down. You can prevent a lot of trouble relatively easy by just reading the manual. Knowledge of your machine is very important, so invest time to get to know your product. This blog is all about the do’s and don’ts concerning the maintenance of vibratory hammers.

Posted by Alfred Oomen   Piling and vibratory equipment

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