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Discover the ‘Wow’-factor at bauma 2016!

From April 11 till 17th Munich is gripped by bauma 2016. We are talking about the world’s leading trade fair for the construction machinery and the mining industry. Dieseko Group will be present at this event and has a lot to show. On the Open Innovation platform we present a couple of never before seen prototypes of vibratory hammers and our latest products.

Posted by Douwe Feenstra   Corporate

To buy or not to buy? 5 signposts to end the rent/buy discussion

Sometimes, it's better to buy your own foundation equipment. Some specific projects ask for a rental solution. But a lot of times you are stuck in this grey area, which I call the 'tipping point' between renting and buying. Very often I receive questions on which option is more beneficial. There are different factors, both practical and financial that influence my advice. To provide you with the answers that suit your needs and wants best, in this blog I present you 5 important signposts.

Posted by Johan Verheij   Corporate

The benefits of a great dealer network for worldwide equipment

Imagine what it must feel like for an engineer in the foundation business when his capital equipment is damaged when operating on a job site. He needs spare parts and he needs them now! The supplier of the machine is miles away, there’s a language barrier and the company can’t afford any delay. He is in trouble, right? Wrong! No need to panic, because assistance is always around. As a manufacturer of vibratory hammers, power packs and other world wide equipment for foundation works, we can assistant thanks to our wide international dealer network.

Posted by Herald Wattenberg   Corporate

Start-Stop system in power packs saves money and Mother Nature

When you’'re considering buying a new power pack for your vibratory hammers it’'s important to think about the environment too. Sooner or later you'’ll have to deal with it, because of more stricter rules concerning emission of nitrogen oxides. Power packs equipped with the i-Timer (a smart Start-Stop system) spare mother nature. And money, because you'’ll reduce fuel costs.

Posted by Arend de Gier   Power

New resonance technique makes the impossible foundation job possible

Combine knowhow, expertise and a global network. The latest resonance techniques for the foundation industry are tested and ready for the world to meet! In close collaboration with Canadian company Resonance Technology International (RTI), Dieseko Group developed the PVE RD260 Resonator. Dieseko Group received the license rights for the RTI Resonator and is now bringing the technique to the market. It promises to make even the 'impossible' foundation job possible...

Posted by Tom van der Jagt   Piling and vibratory equipment

Why a visit to Bauma 2016 should be on your bucketlist!

If you care about machinery, make sure your agenda is empty from April 11th until 17th. During that period you can visit Bauma 2016, which should be on the bucket list of every sales manager. If you want to do business or want to know what the future of the industry holds, you'd better be there. Every (major) player and supplier in the earth moving industry is represented on this trade fair. 

Posted by Jos Hardeman   Corporate

Resonance technology in the foundation industry: a promising innovation

Who doesn't remember the famous Tintin episode where opera singer Bianca Castafiore breaks glass using only her voice? This interesting phenomenon has everything to do with the concept of resonance. The technique simply supplies vibration power in tune with the natural frequency of the object. In the comic series, exceeding the natural resonance of the glass caused it to break. In the foundation industry, using the natural resonance of objects (not exceeding them!) to drive piles into the soil or seabed is one of the latest and 'state of the art' technologies on the market.

Posted by Tom van der Jagt   Piling and vibratory equipment

Offshore pile driving equipment: cheaper and faster solutions

Naturally, you are looking for the best pile driving equipment that's available in the offshore market. But it's also your responsibility to reduce costs of installation. Finding a cheaper and faster solution to drive piles in the seabed is key. Have you ever considered using vibratory pile driving methods instead of the conventional piling hammer? The oil, gas and wind industry are just getting to know this alternative pile drilling installation method. Looking at recent pilot projects for offshore wind farms, the results are very promising.

Posted by Herald Wattenberg   Piling and vibratory equipment

Why you can’t deny Bauma 2016 and have to visit this trade fair

 Bauma is booming! This German trade fair turns 31 this year and is still going strong. About every European company that’s specialized in construction machinery attends this fair. The event shows innovations concerning machines for the mining industry, construction vehicles and equipment meant for building materials. Just to name a few. From April 11th until 17th all eyes are on Munich. Bauma is the head quarters of one of the world’s most exciting trade fairs for heavy machinery.

Posted by Douwe Feenstra   Corporate

Meeting the demands of the future: taking wind power to the next level

Worldwide, the demand for wind power is drastically increasing. The 2015 Climate Change Conference in Paris accelerated the global urgency for green energy even more. This positive trend encouraged Sif, leading manufacturer of steel tubing (specialized in offshore foundations for wind turbines) to announce its enter into the stock market. Dieseko Group greatly encourages the increasing focus from media as well as shareholders for sustainable energy. To further accelerate the realization of wind farms and therefore realizing durable energy, the people at Dieseko Group are passionate about emphasizing the further development of foundation in the offshore market with foundation equipment.

Posted by Herald Wattenberg   Piling and vibratory equipment

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