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Start-Stop system in power packs saves money and Mother Nature

When you’'re considering buying a new power pack for your vibratory hammers it’'s important to think about the environment too. Sooner or later you'’ll have to deal with it, because of more stricter rules concerning emission of nitrogen oxides. Power packs equipped with the i-Timer (a smart Start-Stop system) spare mother nature. And money, because you'’ll reduce fuel costs.

When a machine is not in use the Start-Stop system shuts the machine down. This technology is also used in all sorts of modern cars. If you have to wait for the traffic light to go green, your engine automatically stops. You'll save gas. Now the earth moving industry can benefit from this option too.


Save up to 35 percent on fuel costs

Vibratory hammers are reliable and powerful driving tools. Research indicates that the average power pack runs at a ratio of 4:1. That means that only one in every four hours of engine running time is required for the operation. The remaining time is used for positioning and lifting the next sheet pile or casing repositioning the crane. Those fuel costs are unnecessary due to distractions of the operator team. By shutting down the engine during these three hours fuel savings of up to 35 percent will be achieved. Imagine how much money that is based on a timespan of a year!

Dieseko Group has patented this updated power pack with its energy saving system. The Start-Stop system is implemented with a safety device. When saving power vital safety mechanisms still work. The hydraulic pressure remains throughout the system. When working with sheet piles you can ensure the construction holds the line. The clamps will never lose pressure and open to drop piles, because of the safety system. 

Dieseko vibratory hammers powerpack

Manual restart by wireless remote control

The engine is restarted manually by wireless remote control. The idle timer is especially beneficial when the power pack is located on the counter weight of a crawler crane where the controls are hard to access and engines are run without manual switch off.

Don'’t be mistaken: you'’ll benefit from using this device. Because of changed legislation red diesel is banned in the Netherlands and people can only use green diesel now. Green diesel is better for the environment, but bad news for your wallet. The price of green diesel is twice as high as the red fuel. In the future it's likely that other countries ban red diesel too. So be prepared.  

Dieseko vibratory hammers powerpack

Reduce your carbon footprint

With the Start-Stop system you can lower your expenses immediately. If you'’re curious how much you could save when using this patented system, there’'s a simple calculating tool that'’ll help you.
Besides lower fuel costs, you also save money in other areas. The maintenance costs will be reduced thanks to the i-Timer. Because your engine is used less, it wears out slower. You don’t waste energy, because the Start-Stop system reduces running stationary to a minimum.

The power pack turns into i-Timer mode and shuts down the diesel engine when this is appropriate. Clamping pressure monitoring is guaranteed when this mode is in session. Because of this smart energy saving system you will also save on draining used oil and turning in oil filters by the diesel engine and the hydraulic system. This is because you have less operating hours, so you will save on maintenance time and cost.   


The environment benefits from the system too. The nitrogen oxides emission is significantly lower in comparison with other systems. You’’ll reduce your carbon footprint in no time.

When thinking about buying new equipment it’'s smart to consider the i-Timer. This innovation can easily be built into new machines. It’'s also possible to place this device in older equipment, but that’'s a relatively pricey affair.

So start saving money and be nice to Mother Nature. You’ll realize it can be easy being green!

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Posted by Arend de Gier on Mar 15, 2016 10:00:00 AM


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