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The benefits of specialized rigs for piling and drilling

When driving piles you need a machine that is made for the job. Instead of using a converted crane or excavator to execute the piling work, you’d better use a reliable and trustworthy machine that’s truly designed for its task. Woltman offers rigs that are specifically designed and made for the piling industry. Those rigs are robust and sturdy due to their design.  

Woltman Piling & Drilling Rigs has two sorts of rigs available: piling, rigs also known as pile driving rigs, and drilling rigs. These machines are usually bought by specialized deep foundation contractors. These contractors install all sorts of foundation piles, like steel, concrete and timber piles. The piles have different sizes and lengths. In some cases it’s difficult to decide which rig or attachment you need for a specific job. Most of the time you need to know the exact length of the piles you use.

When in doubt, ask for help. Our team of experts is available to answer your questions about piling and drilling. Supported by inventive software designed by a team of Geo-technicians you get all the information you need. This software can estimate the duration of the job, the best suitable technique and the right PVE attachment. 


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Helpful feedback

During the designing phase of the piling and drilling rigs, feedback and experience from our users was extremely helpful. Some rigs are even developed with the help of customers. Often these designs were used again in a later stadium. The classic design got an upgrade and a better version was the result. Newer models benefited from the sturdy design of older models.

When developing the machines, our designers used their technical expertise to make sure the equipment is user friendly and easy to maintain. Due to this technical approach, the machines are use to use. Access to the engine is easy, thanks to the intuitive design.    

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Reach higher

An important element that sets our rigs apart from the other ones in the market are the height of the rigs. Due to the high placement of the brace cylinders, our rigs can handle longer piles. Because of this feature and the low point of gravity, the maximum pile weight is also very high.

In most cases, maintenance takes place on the job site. When extensive maintenance is needed, the rigs are transported to one of the Dutch factories in Giessenburg or Oosterhout, or one of the many dealers around the world. Minor issues with rigs can be solved quickly. Our team of professional mechanics is always standby. Customers who want to minimize the delay caused by a defect rig, are supported by us. Help is around the corner and always available.

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Posted by Arjen van der Schaaf on Jun 15, 2016 10:00:00 AM


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