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The benefits of a great dealer network for worldwide equipment

Imagine what it must feel like for an engineer in the foundation business when his capital equipment is damaged when operating on a job site. He needs spare parts and he needs them now! The supplier of the machine is miles away, there’s a language barrier and the company can’t afford any delay. He is in trouble, right? Wrong! No need to panic, because assistance is always around. As a manufacturer of vibratory hammers, power packs and other world wide equipment for foundation works, we can assistant thanks to our wide international dealer network.

Capital parts have long lifespans and the chance of failure is small, but in case something goes wrong, it would take a long time to get a replacement. We know how important it is to have reliable parts in stock. In case of an emergency, we act quickly and connect our customers with one of our 60 international dealers from all over the globe.


We know the cultural differences between countries and adapt ourselves to the needs of our customers. It’s important for our clients to be heard and respected. Besides the cultural aspect, the importance of a dealer network is to supply the needed materials and service in time. Customers from all over the world use our equipment.

Open 24/7

Our dealers usually can assist within 24 hours because of their local presence. That’s a lot faster than ordering a new part and waiting for a transport company for delivery. The other important benefit is that our headquarters as well as our dealers guarantee a 24/7service. That means that you can always reach us, even during nights and weekends.

When ordering spare parts from foreign countries, a visa might have to be arranged to get the product shipped. That costs a lot of money and time. When working on a project with a tight deadline, that’s a very expensive and devastating affair. The presence of a local dealer enables you to keep your project going, without causing any downtime.

Certified dealers

Due to our great dealer network we can save time and provide a certified dealer in the region of our customer. If the part is damaged or broken during the warranty period the service is free, of course. The client only has to pay the costs of the dealer and the service if the product needs replacement after the warranty is expired. Our dealers can assist with:

  • the selection of the right parts in case of emergency;
  • delivering the spare parts to the customer (usually within 24 hours);
  • providing specialized assistance and service;
  • replacement or repair of the damaged parts.


We provide training sessions for our dealers and their mechanics. If they pass the training, they get certified. Because working with capital equipment requires a lot of expertise, it’s important to have access to dealers who know what to do in case of emergency.


There’s a suiting solution for every customer in every country. A reliable network is a big deal! If you want to know what the dealer in your region can do, please contact us and we’ll provide the information you need.

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Posted by Herald Wattenberg on Mar 22, 2016 10:00:00 AM


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