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Thursday at bauma 2016: Impressive, incomparable and innovative

Entering bauma 2016 on this Thursday feels like reliving your favourite epic movie. It's jaw dropping. The sheer size of the worlds leading trade fair for the construction machinery and the mining industry is visible miles away. You can see the massive cranes when you’re on the highway. Despite the bad weather the spirits are high. There’s a lot to see at this event.

When James Brown wrote ‘It's a Man's Man's Man's World’ he must have thought about bauma. About 90 percent of the visitors are male. It’s nice to see all these people enjoy the latest technological marvels the industry has to offer. Walking around feels like one big reunion, because you see a lot of familiar faces.

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Earlier today I spoke to a couple of our competitors. Unlike us they didn’t put much effort in showing new products and innovations. They just stick with the same product line. Bauma 2016 is a very important event for us. Dieseko Group is determined to show our visitors that we are a reliable and stable company. We are ready for the future and are more than willing to help our customers. 

Still relevant

When you compare bauma to other trade fairs you’ll notice people lose their interest in the other trade fairs. Because of its well known name bauma still is relevant. The industry knows this event is here to stay and offers the latest trends and innovations. To keep up you have to be here.

We’re already looking forward to bauma 2019! At this moment we’re planning to book a hotel so we are sure to have a room for the next edition. You have to act quickly, because if you wait too long all hotels in the surroundings of the event are fully booked. That’s the perfect indication of the popularity of this trade fair.

bauma dieseko.jpg

Planning ahead

Normally we start thinking about a theme for the next bauma a year before the start of the event, but this time we’ll start sooner. We want to surprise our visitors. 

What I would say to the people who stayed at home? Pack your stuff and come to bauma as soon as possible! You don’t want to miss out this event. The ambiance is great, the people are enthusiastic and there are innovations which will change the future. If you can’t make it you can always download our brochure or plan a visit to our office. You’ll miss out on a great trade fair though.

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Posted by Samuel Kieviet on Apr 15, 2016 10:00:00 AM


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