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What to consider when buying a piling or drilling rig

Every contractor has to buy new equipment, because the units he owns do not fit anymore, or new projects require more or other foundation machines. Buying a piling or drilling rig means a serious impact on your budget, so lots of comparisons have to be done in order to purchase the right equipment. We have listed some aspects below. 

Posted by Walter Haberl   Piling & Drilling Rigs

Game-changing vibration-free hammers are being introduced to American market

PVE's high frequency vibration hammers are virtually vibration-free. In fact, testing has shown the company's high frequency hammer measured at a distance of two meters (seven feet) from driving elements produces the same level of vibrations produced by a low frequency hammer at a distance of 16 meters (52 feet). The American market is on the verge of meeting the demands of the future!

Posted by Arnaud Lamboo   Piling & Drilling Rigs, Ground improvement

The benefits of specialized rigs for piling and drilling

When driving piles you need a machine that is made for the job. Instead of using a converted crane or excavator to execute the piling work, you’d better use a reliable and trustworthy machine that’s truly designed for its task. Woltman offers rigs that are specifically designed and made for the piling industry. Those rigs are robust and sturdy due to their design.  

Posted by Arjen van der Schaaf   Piling & Drilling Rigs

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