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Foundation jobs without ‘the earthquake effect’: these 2 machines handle fragile surroundings with care

When your site is situated near fragile constructions like dikes, railroads or buildings, you need to avoid any possible harm to those surroundings. Unfortunately, foundation jobs do not exactly have the reputation of handling surroundings ‘with care’. When foundation jobs are inevitable, there are in fact possibilities to work vibration free. This great solution is called resonance technique.

Posted by Tom van der Jagt   Piling & Vibro Equipment

How to minimize downtime of foundation equipment

It goes without saying that foundation equipment has a lot to endure. Job sites are always at an outdoor area and the soil conditions can be really tough. Even when working with a local repair company, regular service check ups or replacement of parts cannot always prevent a vibratory hammer or power pack to break down. This can bring a lot of disadvantages in time, money and energy.

Posted by Jos Hardeman   Piling & Vibro Equipment, Corporate

Easily find the right equipment for every ground improvement job

Every project is different. Every location is different and soils are different. So for every ground improvement job you make different considerations that lead to the choice of equipment. Truth to be told: finding the most suitable foundation equipment for the job is a challenge. In addition, new groundbreaking technologies and possibilities follow each other in a fast pace. Keeping up with those is a challenge on its own.

Posted by Patrick van der Schaaf   Piling & Vibro Equipment, Ground improvement

How customer care helps you innovate

The PVE RD260 Resonator is one of the innovative highlights of Dieseko Group and Resonance Technology International (RTI) . This machine uses a new technique that doesn’t damage the soil unlike more conventional vibro methods. This foundation equipment causes no vibration to the surroundings. That's why resonance technique makes it possible to perform foundation jobs close to a fragile construction, which is often the case in urban areas.

Posted by Matthew Janes   Piling & Vibro Equipment

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