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What to look for when buying used foundation equipment? [Checklist]

As a constructor, you want to complete foundation projects on time and ensure a project does not go over budget. Have you ever considered buying used foundation equipment to reduce time and costs?

Each foundation project is different and the considerations to buy new or pre-owned foundation equipment vary each time. But compared to new equipment, used foundation equipment has two benefits:

  • Pre-owned foundation equipment results in lower costs than new foundation equipment
  • Used foundation equipment is directly available from stock, does not have to be made to order and can be delivered in a short timespan.

The pricetag of projects and the timespan in which you need the equipment can determine your choice. You are looking for a deal that fits your needs and gives you the best solution for the best price. But what are the things you need to look at when buying used foundation equipment?

1. What is the foundation equipment’s condition?

B1BEA09F-0C58-3105-4484-74D1108E6EA4.jpgWhen you are looking to buy pre-owned foundation equipment, it is important to look at the condition of the equipment. Moreover, you need to identify what type of pre-owned foundation equipment you are looking for before you buy.

There are two different types of used foundation equipment: ‘as is’ and refurbished foundation equipment. ‘As is’ foundation equipment differs from refurbished equipment, because it is not revised and it is sold without a warranty.

Refurbished foundation equipment is completely revised by a specialist and defects are fixed. This equipment has a warranty and is, therefore, more reliable.

2. What is the number of hours of operation?

The number of hours of operation is an important criterion when determining the equipment capabilities. For each piece of equipment, Dieseko Group determines whether the machine is still usable before we resell it. This means you do not have to worry if the economic life of the used equipment is coming to an end.

CB300ABC-9BDA-DF3C-819C-EB37B449DE29.jpg3. Is the maintenance history available?

Is there a complete service history of the equipment? Have all maintenance services, repairs and modifications been properly documented? Proper documentation and specifications of maintenance history are key in making the right decision.

4. Do you get tailored advice?

You are looking for a supplier that provides you with tailored advice when you are interested in buying pre-owned foundation equipment. Foundation equipment comes in different shapes and forms so it is important to know what kind of equipment fits your needs.

5. Is there extensive service and support?

What are you getting after the sale? Is there any maintenance service or support? That is important to keep in mind when you are looking for used foundation equipment. Because you want to minimize downtime if the equipment breaks down.

Before buying used foundation equipment it is important to keep all of the above in mind to make sure the foundation equipment fits your needs to complete foundation projects.

Looking for used foundation equipment?

At Dieseko Group, we offer the opportunity to see ‘as is’ and refurbished’ foundation equipment in action before you make your decision. We always hold conversations with customers to identify what kind of pre-owned equipment is the best solution for their specific foundation project.

We look at the purpose of your foundation project, if you need drilling or extraction equipment, the soil conditions and the centrifugal force that is needed. On top of that, the maintenance of every single piece of foundation equipment is up to date. The same goes for accessories like clamps, hoses, and couplings.

We also offer an extensive package of services: support, advice, overhauls and maintenance that can be tailor made to your foundation project(s). Do you want to know what we can do for you? Contact us for more information.

Do you want to start foundation project without delay? We have used (and new) foundation equipment directly available from stock.

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Posted by Tom van der Jagt on Dec 12, 2016 3:18:55 PM


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