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What’s the use of used foundation equipment for your construction project?

Picture the moment you went to buy your first car. Did you go straight to the brand dealer for a shiny new automobile with the red ribbon still on it? Or did you, perhaps, take one of your parents along to pick out a second-hand car? If you chose the latter option, you would probably want to make sure the used car is decent and trustworthy; good to go for an X amount of years. In the world of foundation equipment, this works exactly the same.
PVE-20HKV.pngIn almost every project, ground improvement jobs are essential to - literally and figuratively - provide a solid foundation for construction works. As each project is different, the considerations to buy or rent foundation equipment vary each time. The price tag of projects can steer you into a specific direction, but also the timespan in which you need the equipment can determine your choice. Have you ever considered renting or buying used equipment?

The use of used equipment

The core business of Dieseko Group is to rent and sell new foundation equipment and spare parts. We develop new technologies and constantly improve on existing ones. To make sure our customers make the right choices before, during and after the rent or sale we also provide support and services as repair, overhauling etc.

But from a durable point of view, we do not turn our back on our used pieces of equipment. Why get rid of used equipment that can still do an excellent foundation job? Which, on top of that provides you with an interesting price tag, looking from a cost perspective? For this reason, Dieseko Group also sells used equipment.

Low price, high risk?

One important sidenote has to be made. With every single piece of used equipment we make sure it can undoubtedly be trusted to complete the ground improvement job with the same quality as the new one. This means it needs to live up to our strict technical specifications. Not only on the inside, but also on the outside we polish and repaint the equipment.
Also, when buying used equipment we provide a warranty. This warranty even applies to used equipment that is over 15 years old. If this warranty doesn’t prove we only provide equipment that is in excellent shape, then what does?

Periodically, we update and spread a Used Equipment List amongst our customers and interested parties. We also enable our dealers and local sellers worldwide to provide used equipment to their customers, so we can serve globally.

Save on money (but never on quality) with used foundation equipment

Are you interested in learning how renting or buying used equipment can save you money, and provide you with great quality at the same time? Do not hesitate to contact me and ask for the possibilities.


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Posted by Samuel Kieviet on Oct 11, 2016 9:51:44 AM


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