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Discover the ‘Wow’-factor at bauma 2016!

From April 11 till 17th Munich is gripped by bauma 2016. We are talking about the world’s leading trade fair for the construction machinery and the mining industry. Dieseko Group will be present at this event and has a lot to show. On the Open Innovation platform we present a couple of never before seen prototypes of vibratory hammers and our latest products.

Those machines are still in production, but we want to give our relations and customers a sneak preview from what they can expect from us in the near future. There are five prototypes to show. What visitors can expect to see is a prototype of a normal frequency vibratory hammer, a prototype of a power pack and a few excavator mounted vibratory hammers. 

These products are ready to be brought on the market soon. Because the feedback and opinions of our dealers and customers is very valuable to us, we decided to show these prototypes. Based on the feedback we get from them, we can tweak the machines before production starts, if necessary.

bauma dieseko.jpg


Working in urban areas

Besides the prototypes we have another sight to behold. We bring the PVE RTI Resonator RD 260 to Munich. This machine - unlike conventional vibro technology - causes no vibration to the surroundings. This device - its name gave it away - resonates. It doesn’t cause damage to the environment and doesn’t vibrate at all.

That's why the resonance technology makes it possible to perform foundation jobs close to fragile constructions. It’s now possible to work near railways and fragile monumental buildings for example.


Outside the main hall we have reserved a huge outdoor site where we display our machines. We’ve build a building near it where we can meet our visitors. In comparison to our presence at bauma 2013 we’ve got even bigger machines to show. In the previous edition we’ve showcased piling rigs model 50PR and 90DR. The size of those machines is respectively 17,5 and 30 meters. This year we’ve grown.

Now we’re showing piling rigs model 90PR and 160DR. The largest one has a total height over 60 meters and is present at the Dieseko Group stand.


bauma dieseko.png


The Wow-factor

Our main goal is to let our visitors leave with a ‘Wow’-feeling. We want them to be surprised. The theme of our stand is ‘The World Of Dieseko Group’. In the main hall there’s a massive globe which indicates all the places where our facilities are. In the stand there are 20 sales managers. There are representatives of each region. Our customers benefit from a great dealer network.

Our sales managers can answer every question. There’s an information desk where people can ask help from representatives of their region.

Visit us at bauma 2016!

Everyone who even slightly cares about technique should visit bauma 2016. Visitors will be amazed by the presence of all those huge machines. There is a great chance grown men feel like little kids again when they walk around. We'd like to see our visitors in Munich at booth 720/1!


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Posted by Douwe Feenstra on Apr 5, 2016 10:00:00 AM


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