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Why a visit to Bauma 2016 should be on your bucketlist!

If you care about machinery, make sure your agenda is empty from April 11th until 17th. During that period you can visit Bauma 2016, which should be on the bucket list of every sales manager. If you want to do business or want to know what the future of the industry holds, you'd better be there. Every (major) player and supplier in the earth moving industry is represented on this trade fair. 

Bauma is the largest trade fair concerning construction equipment in the world. People from all over the world visit this event. Major companies don'’t shy away from taking over more than 13,000 m² of the floor with their booths. Some companies have 200 employees walking around. We, Dieseko Group, participate on Bauma with our vibratory hammers, power packs, dredging pumps and piling and drilling rigs. Our stand on the 2016 edition will have a surface of 1,200 m². 

Bauma Dieseko Group

The event is held at the old airport of Munich. The surface of the terrain is about 575,000 m² long. You can expect 535,065 visitors from more than 200 countries on that space. Those dazzling numbers give you an idea what to expect from Bauma. This is not a regular trade fair, but an event of massive proportions. 

Exhibitors want to be seen and give their best. There a’re companies that spend over a year preparing their presence at Bauma. Some people visit the world's biggest trade fair to keep up and see the latest innovations, but a lot of visitors come to buy and meet their dealers and sales contacts.

A lot of people come to buy

Saturday is known as family day. Families of the exhibitors are visiting the fair to check out what their dads, moms or children are doing. The other days are purely concentrated on business. 

Bauma Dieseko Group

Who is the visitor of Bauma?

You can'’t paint a picture of a stereotypical visitor of Bauma. That’'s because there isn'’t any. The people that visit this trade fair are very diverse. I’'ve met huge corporations with thousand of employees, but also small family businesses with five employees. Besides customers and corporations there’ are also dealers present on Bauma. About 60 Dieseko Group dealers visit this event.

In our sector you have to know what sort of materials you’'re going to use in specific situations. If the surface you’'re drilling or resonating in is soft, you have to use other tools then when that’'s not the case. Hard surfaces require different tools. This year The Dieseko Group presents an innovation in the form of our foundation consultancy. People can approach us with their questions. We help them to find the best solution.

Bauma Dieseko Group

We help our customers find the best equipment for their specific needs. I’'m a big fan of this trade fair, because it's so overwhelming. Unfortunately as an exhibitor you don'’t have much time to stroll around. But as visitor you have!  

My tip for potential visitors is to plan your trip carefully. One day of Bauma is too less. You have to be there for at least three days. Just to get a glimpse of everything that's on display. Even if you want to see only three specific stands, you will need a plan and an instruction guide! 

Will we meet you there?

Like I said: if you slightly care about technical equipment you have to be there. So, Bauma 2016 is the place to be. We'd love to see you in Munich at booth 720/1!

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Posted by Jos Hardeman on Mar 1, 2016 10:00:00 AM


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