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Why you can’t deny Bauma 2016 and have to visit this trade fair

 Bauma is booming! This German trade fair turns 31 this year and is still going strong. About every European company that’s specialized in construction machinery attends this fair. The event shows innovations concerning machines for the mining industry, construction vehicles and equipment meant for building materials. Just to name a few. From April 11th until 17th all eyes are on Munich. Bauma is the head quarters of one of the world’s most exciting trade fairs for heavy machinery.


 You’ll find me at Bauma too. As the marketing manager of Dieseko Group I have to be there. In my opinion every company in the building and construction sector that takes itself seriously must attend this event. The Bauma trade fair is the biggest event in the building and construction sector. This is the world’s leading trade fair. You can see innovations, check out demo’s and meet a lot of potential customers. Besides the trade fair in Germany, Bauma also presents events in China, India and South-Africa.


From April 11th till 17th all eyes are on Munich

This trade fair is held every three years. At the last edition about 3,421 exhibitors from 57 countries were presenting their business. The fair gained the interest from 535,065 visitors from more than 200 countries.  All those people met on 575,000 m² of exhibition space. Those dazzling numbers prove the impact of Bauma.

I can assure you this event is something special. Bauma is a gigantic event. Everything is big. You literally can't miss the huge cranes and massive dumpers. You will find all sorts of machines used in the construction and building in which Dieseko's foundation equipment is a niche sector. This is the only fair to see the complete product ranges. Visitors love it and they can literary touch those machines.

Dieseko Bauma


Besides size, innovation and -of course- the carbon foodprint are other topics Bauma excels in. If you want to see what the future of the building and construction sector holds, you have to visit this event. New products, environmental friendly solutions and inventions are first shown here. Bauma unites suppliers and solutions. The event is sponsored by Construction Equipment and Building Material Machinery Association and the Mining Association in the German Engineering Federation (VDMA) and Committee for European Construction Equipment – CECE.

One of the innovations this year is the PVE RD 260 Resonator from Dieseko Group. This device is capable of driving steel without any vibrations, thanks to the high frequency resonating technology. A hydraulic power pack controls the resonator in an auto-pilot mode, so the best working frequency is guaranteed. The development and testing of this machine took eight years. Now it’s fully developed and ready to go.


Innovation is a topic Bauma excels in

Another invention that’s worth checking out is the renewed series of the ICE vibratory hammers. This user friendly vibratory hammer from Dieseko Group is developed based on customer input. This machine is safer, steadier and more durable than previous editions. The power pack is an improved version of the existing PP 600. The slick appearance of this vibratory hammer gives this machine an unique look.

Another must-see is the Woltman series Piling and Drilling Rigs. We proudly present our 160 tonnes drilling rig DR160 with a working height of 46m. Free fall winches, excellent mobility, the self-erecting type leader, all unique buying reasons can be checked out at Bauma!

 Presenting yourself at Bauma is a big deal. You can even call it an exhibition, because there’s so much on display. Some companies are planning their visit to Bauma for over a year now. That’s because they want to demonstrate their products. Preparations can easily take over a year.  


Bauma Dieseko


This exhibition is sales heaven, because people come to buy. Visitors are planning to do business. Engineers and people from research and development departments visit Bauma. The development of new techniques attracts a lot of potential customers. If you want to know what the future of this sector brings, you can’t deny Bauma.

So, see you in April?

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Posted by Douwe Feenstra on Feb 11, 2016 10:24:19 AM


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